What is Enduro?

Think of that epic all day trail you ride with your buddies. You start early, spend a bit of time climbing, eventually arriving at one of your favorite descents. You blast the downhill, big smile on your face and start pedaling towards the next epic descent. You proceed to rinse and repeat, all day long.

That is the essence of the Enduro format. Epic races spanning hours at a time. An epic, timed, trail ride!

Enduro appeals to all kinds of riders, from the hardcore downhill to their spandex clad cross country brothers. It’s about being an all around great rider. You'll need both stamina and speed to win.

The best part is it's the only race format that let's you race alongside your friends. Ride and chill together during the transfer or non-timed sections, then get down to business when the clock starts!

How does it work?

Each race or event consists of one epic trail ride that may last up to 3-6 hours. This ride will have between 3-5 timed downhill sections. The bits in between, or transfers, are not timed. Points are awarded for each of the timed segments. The rider with the fastest combined time wins the day. The rider with the most points at the end of the season wins the series.

Let’s run through an example:

The race starts at 8:00am and riders begin pedaling towards the first timed section. It’s three miles away and involves some climbing. The first timed downhill segment starts at 8:45am giving all the riders 45 mins to make the climb. You can go hardcore, ride with friends and chat, whatever. Once at the top find your place in line and get ready for the first timed downhill section. These timed sections are mostly downhill but you can count on a bit of climbing as well.

Once you complete the first timed segment you’ve entered transition #2. Head out to the next timed section or wait for your buddies and ride together. Depending on the race, you may need to complete up to 5 timed sections in one day.


So far I've received approval to hold races at Kahuku Motocross, Camp Timberline, and am in open discussion with the good folks that manage the Laie Trail system. Other areas I'm exploring for the remainder of the races include Pupukea-Paumalu, Royal Summit and Waimea Valley. For 2015 I'd like to bring one or two of the races to other islands (Maui, Big Island or both).

Rules & Points


Riders are awarded points for each timed section they complete. Points run 20 deep in each category and are distributed as follows: 50 (1st), 44 (2nd), 40 (3rd), 36 (4th), 34 (5th), 30 (6th), 28, 26, 24, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2. The rider with the fastest combined time during the day wins the event. The rider who accumulates the most points over the entire series is the Hawaii Enduro Champion.

Rider Equipment

You are responsible for your own equipment during the race. Enduro races are long and it's recommended you come prepared to carry enough equipment to get you through the day. Other riders are allowed to assist each other but remember, you are solely responsible for yourself.

Rule Violations

Course Cutting

The course will be clearly marked. Riders who decide to create an advantage for themselves by cutting the course will be disqualified. Cutting the course ruins the whole atmosphere of the event and will not be tolerated. In cases where the rider accidentally cuts the course, the race officials will make a determination. Be aware that any riding outside the marked course may lead to disqualification.

Outside Assistance

Outside assistance is help received from any non-competitor and is not allowed. This means that during the race, your team, manager, friends, or family are not allowed to help you carry equipment around the course, or make repairs. The beauty of Enduro is that during the race, it's about you, your bike and the mountain! Racers are encouraged to assist other competitors during the race.

Subject to Change

The basic format will remain the same but it's likely some of the finer details may change (timing, format etc) depending on the location of each individual event. Regardless of exactly how we run it, it's going to be a good time!


The Enduro Series is the largest series of races I have ever attempted. In order to make it happen I'm going to need help. Lots of it! Please sign up to volunteer and help me help you have more events to race in!

Clicking the button below to signup up will take you to MTBHawaii.com where you may choose the activities you'd like to help with. Feel free to choose one or all three!


With more races being planned in the future, and current races growing in size and popularity the need for volunteers is increasing. We need your help! At any particular race working as a volunteer may involve helping with race timing, registration and packet-pickup, setup and tear down, course preparation or monitoring sections of the course during the race.

Trail Building

In addition to races we need volunteers who are interested in helping us build new trails. There is a big push right now to grow the sport in Hawaii and when the time comes to get the work done, we need a strong showing of volunteers willing to pick up shovels and get dirty!

Photo & Video Shoots

I'm looking to update all the photos and videos on the website. I'm sick and tired of taking pictures and shooting videos of myself... Those of you who wouldn't mind hitting the trails for a day of picture taking and filming it's a guaranteed good time!


Photos of the venues which have been approved for the series.

About Us

Hawaii Enduro Series

2014 will bring with it Hawaii's first ever, full season of Enduro mountain bike racing! I'm looking forward to working with all you riders, volunteers, landowners and sponsors to make this happen for Hawaii!

A short list of goals I would like to accomplish with the series in 2014.

  • Open up at least one new racing venue
  • Generate more interest from mainland riders
  • Create a series that will encourage sponsors to participate
  • Secure a reliable timing system
  • Increase the average level of participation by the end of the season
  • Create a series competitive enough to increase rider skill level on the island
  • Continue to foster the easy-going, fun attitude we have already

What I would like to see happen over the next few years

  • Continue to open up new racing venues, 5 races in 5 different locations
  • Bring the series to the outer islands (Maui, Big Island)
  • Find a title sponsor
  • Create a series unique and competitive enough to attract pro riders
  • Foster positive relationships with other Enduro organizations (BME, OES, NAET, EWS)
  • Sponsor a team of local riders to represent Hawaii
  • Work towards creating a positive atmosphere between riders, landowners and the State.
Mountain Bike Hawaii LLC, more commonly known as MTB Hawaii is a for-profit company owned and run by Mike Solis, an avid mountain biker and fledgling race promoter. Over the previous 4 years Mike has hosted multiple races at Kualoa Ranch, Gunstock Ranch and Kahuku Motocross. Until now it's all been done around a full time job. But no longer! With the official creation of Mountain Bike Hawaii LLC Mike has decided to commit himself to mountain biking and racing full time. The Hawaii Enduro Series is his first endeavor as a full time promoter!


Questions, comments, suggestions, praise, ridicule, just need someone to talk to? Bring it on!

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